52 Week Project Blog

Week 15/52 - The Reunion


It gives me great joy to reveal a childhood friend, Kyle, as my 15th portrait of the week! I cannot believe it has been exactly 13 years since we last saw each other from Cascade Middle school! Early October 2016 at a Seven Lions event, we ran into each other. At first glance, I have to admit I forgot for a slight second about our time at Cascade. After looking deeply into my past, I remember everything and gave him the biggest hug after that! Since then, we randomly see each other at the local music festivals. Most of the time, we talk here and there mixing it up with shuffling. Finally at Lucky 2017, I asked him to be in my portrait project as an opportunity to catch up about our lives and do a fun photo shoot. I picked Alki beach as the location closest to where we went to school together. What you will read is a compelling reunion between Kyle and I. You will read about our time at Cascade and our experience together at Alki. 

Kyle has the best memory between us. We talked about having P.E. and a few other classes. When Cascade constructed a new gym for the school, we worked out and even played on the Dance Dance Revolution arcade. For sports, he played football in the 8th grade.. I remember distinctively a moment during our 8th grade commencement. The assembly was held to show students standing for the high school we were attending. I stood up for Highline while he stood for Evergreen. Heartbreaking as it felt, we went on different paths.

While walking immersed with Alki's gorgeous sunset, Kyle shared with me his life after middle school. Kyle continued with football to land him a scholarship to play at Western University. He then attended in LA for more football. Eventually returned to Washington for Central. This man has been everywhere. It was no wonder I never saw him. He was making a killing somewhere else striving for success. The success of not only achieved wondrous recognition through academic accomplishment, but having many friends accumulated over the time. 

Kyle admitted to me about being not being a picture taker. I can understand why he would be because of not knowing how to pose or what to do in front of the camera. He asked on what to bring. I told him to wear whatever he felt comfortable. Normally, I am snapping away, filling up my memory cards, with my subject moving one spot to another, however, our time together it was important to talk and listen. We walked around the core area of the beach. I was drawn to the beautiful sunset. To combine Kyle simple appearance with the lush mix of colorful sun ray shining around us, it was perfect to capture him in this lighting.  I pointed out areas for him to stand and walk. Every images besides the walking ones, we were talking. Conversations not only to catch up, but to have us feel at ease. I can then open up suggestions for the next photo moment. I love how the images turned out. 

Before I wrap this up, I like to say some sentimental words. Writing about Kyle made me pull out my yearbook and reflect my memories about him and myself. Kyle still have the same smile. Listening to Kyle's accomplishment and what he went through, I relate to him in many ways. The coolest fact is that we share similar interests toward video games, electronic dance music and festivals, and playing the piano. We are geeks at heart. The photo below with the green lights is Kyle's favorite color. :)

Finally, thank you Kyle for spending time with me and being in my project. Your upcoming trip to Japan next week is going to be off the hook! I am so jealous about your trip and especially to attend EDC Japan. But man, have fun! I cannot wait for more festival madness in the future. 

Coming up for week 16 is going to be special. It will be the first subject that is different than the ones previously photograph. Thank you for reading this week's blog!

- Sally