52 Week Project Blog

Welcome! 52 Environmental Portraiture Project

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. I am thrill to announce a project I have been wanting to tackle for years. This project is essentially a 52 week portrait project which every week, I photograph someone and share them.

Theme of the project is Environmental Portraiture. The definition of environmental portrait typically portray a person in their natural environment. Different from traditional portraits shot in a studio, location portraits capture the character of the subject and give insight into their daily life making for a more personal image, generally telling some kind of story about who the subject is. (Source - http://petapixel.com/2016/04/07/8-tips-making-better-environmental-portraits-natural-light/)

My goal in the project is to evolve as a better photographer especially in portrait, gain recognition in the photography community, improve my visual storytelling, and show the community everyone who I photograph has a story. 

This is where you come into play. your choice of location are limitless as it is an environment which you feel at ease. For example, your work place, your home, or anywhere where you like to spend your time at.  In that week, I dedicate my time to get to know you, learn about your life, and capture who you are. 

I am opening to my project to anyone who is interested in having a fun, yet memorable portrait experience. Starting January 2017, I will publishing a weekly blog showing the portrait of the week. It will entail the full photo session of that person. Below is where you can fill out information about yourself!

On a final note, I cannot wait to see where this project will take me! I also cannot wait to see who will be a part of my experience. Thank you for making that happen! 

- Sally Phnouk