52 Week Project Blog

Week 10/52 - Laidback Cedric

Week 10 has been crazy! I hit double digit! Finally had the time to publish the portrait of the week for March 5th - March 11th.

Say hello to Cedric AKA Drik. This cool dude here kneeling on the edge of the water is an old coworker now friend. Initially he approached me to work with him for a project he had in mind, however, we had something different in mind. I asked him to be in my project and he was more than willing to meet up. Here he is in the flesh showing off his bad ass tattoo. 

Back then, we used to worked together for Sony Electronic in the same department. His background is audio while my knowledge derived within digital imaging. I had to teach him the technicality about digital camera. He definitely got the hang of it and was cool on his own. During our time together, Cedric was attending at the Arts Institute of Seattle for Audio Production. Juggling between school and work, he was one busy man. 

Currently, he works for a company that builds A.V. (Audio & Video) systems rack, which is totally foreign to me. It is cool to hear he is working for a company that is closely related to his skill.

His true passion is for the music industry. He shared with me his interest to educate himself in online marketing. I can tell his love for music is there and he is on the right track. Speaking of music, he has music that is available online. 

My focus with Cedric is to show his cool laid-back attitude. He loves hanging out at Gas Works with his friend. He admitted to me he has no idea how to model. I told him to just be himself and talk to me about what's new with him. After asking him more about his life, he opened up with his hands out of his pockets and let them hang. 

When not doing music, he has opted to be more adventurous with the outdoor like going for hikes with friends. His inspiration for music comes from living in the pacific northwest. He fits with the PNW.

It was great to see you Cedric after so many years. Thank you for being in my portrait project. I I know you have a dream. Create the plan to pursue it and make it happen man! You have my support! 

To hear Cedric's music, I highly recommend visiting his Soundcloud profile - https://soundcloud.com/drik-16 - I enjoyed his music. He is extremely talented and humble. If west coast hip hop and rap is your thang, you will jam to his music, too!

I already completed Week 11 portrait of the week. I will be publishing their story later this week! Stay tuned!

-Sally Phnouk