52 Week Project Blog

Week 13/52 - Produce into Day & Glove into Night

Week 13 Portrait of the Week goes to my good old coworker/friend Josh. This hairy handsome man used to work with me back in our Sony days. Throughout the years, we randomly stumbled upon at music festival. My my, he has grown tremendously. 

When I made my announcement about my project, Josh was the first person to be interested in my project. Prior to that, we saw each other at Resolution 2017 and talked about my project with him. He shared he wanted to be in my project. 

The first portion of the blog will show his light heart side of Josh. The second portion will reveal a fun, night side of Josh.  

Years ago after Sony and before our meetup, I almost didn't recognize Josh because of his long hair and amazing mustache and beard. Last year, when I began going to music festival, he approached me and called my name. I'm like "Who are you"? He answered, "It's Josh! From Sony"! I was in shocked! I believe my first reaction goes like this, "What the hell? 

Josh loves to be at home. The one room he spends his time is his home studio. He spends his time producing Drum and Bass. What you see in his room are his peripherals. Two large speaker with one resting Fallout 4 Fat Man atom bomb collector (which I'm so jealous he has one) and his Abelton launch pad. The first hour and a half we spent catching up about lives and listening to his drum and bass songs though his SoundCloud. Relatively new to music production, his sound is dope. For his love of music, he volunteers for music festival like Conscious Crew for USC Events and even Shambahala. 

The most important fact I like share about Josh is he has a son name Jude. That day was my first time ever meeting his boy. Jude has the brightest smile, energetic presence, and adorable personality. Josh is a great father to Jude.  

Before going into the next portion, every single image afterward were captured within one hour over 400 shots down to a selected 12 focused shot.


When the night hits, out comes the glover name Kronos. Josh is a totally different person when he is giving a light show. With his awesome pulled back hair and dope mustache combined with his lit up glove and bright LED lights behind him, he gives a sinister appearance.

This was the most exciting part of our photo shoot because I get to photograph a glover in motion. We played different genre of EDM music such as drum and bass, Kaskade house music, and even San Holo for future bass. As we progressed through different songs, the more he started to progress in his gloving. His personality, his moves, his technique, and his facial expression was all him. He was having fun and performing like he would at a glove meetup or a festival. 

For myself, I knew this was going to be challenge to photograph Josh because of all of the changing lights going in and out. With three different lighting coming from his gloves strobing and trailing in back and forth toward me, my LED backpack strobing into different colors, and his abelton, I had to be on high alert, think fast, modify my settings, and have patience. The mindset going into this was to keep shooting. 

I'm proud of the images that I captured from Josh's gloving performance. We worked together well in communication on slowing down a bit. It allowed me to get a freeze moment. The ones I captured the trail he went for it! That one turned dope! 

As a conclusion, I had a thrill catching up with Josh. I'm happy to see how much he's grown and see where his life will take him. Thank you josh for being in my project. Keep making music and being wonderful! 

For his music, check him out here > https://soundcloud.com/josh-rainboldt

Lastly, to everyone else, thank you for reading the latest blog about Josh! I truly appreciate your support. Week 14 is going to be an amazing blog. I cannot wait to reveal who is the portrait of the Week! Stay tune! 

 - Sally