52 Week Project Blog

Week 19/52 - Vibrant City Stroll

The portrait of the week for number 19 is a wonderful new friend name Jenna! We met in February at the Landmark Forum during the three day course. Those three days spent in the same room for over 12 hours and then one three hours evening session a lot was learned and discovered about ourselves. Jenna stood out to me because of her strong, presentable appearance and rad personality. To see her again at Landmark for the Advanced Course, I couldn't hold back and instead invited her to be in my project! She was honored from my invitation and excited for the experience. Originally, we scheduled for a week in June, however, plans got shifted around and we were able to move into the week of May 7th to May 13th, specifically May 11th. The weather went from sun to rain and back to the sun. We were set to do an indoor shoot, but, it stopped raining and immediately we walked to Pikes Place Market. Before going further, here's the layout of the blog. You will read about our experience during the shoot, who she is and where she came from, and what she is coming up for her. Here we go!

Throughout the day, we were going back and forth on location due to the weather. We changed from Bellevue to downtown Seattle. As I mentioned earlier, we were set to do the shoot inside the convention center. I was bummed because I felt it was not ideal for a location and it did not fit Jenna. Once we set foot inside the building, it stopped raining and we dipped straight to the market! There are two images below that shows us having a city stroll within the heart of the city. It was awesome because it felt like photographing a runway model. To see Jenna wearing heel and walking confidently to our destination, I'm like, "No way you will see me wear heel in any occasion!" Joking aside, she sure knows to power walk in heels. Once we entered the market, it was our play area. Even though the shops were closed, it did not stop us to roam around. We walked to a few areas that she visited before and her first time setting foot. All the areas we hit, the golden hour lighting was my best friend.  The color in every images allows Jenna to have fun. It took some moments during the shoot for Jenna to open up. She stated to be loud and powerful, but for some reason, when it comes to a camera in front of her, she became timid. I understand. To be honest, I am the same way. Instead of posing her, I gave her directions on where to look and actually observe. It allows her to pull her attention somewhere else and simply be immersed with her surrounding. I even asked her to tell a time her significant other pulled a prank on her just to get her laughing. Before I finish, you have to get to know her. 

Who is Jenna? She is a city gal. She is born and raised from St. Louis, Missouri, specifically Clayton, that is all flat with no beaches within a 50 mile radius. As horrifying as it sound to me, I need the beach and forest around me! Gladly, she now lives in Washington state. She moved here last summer. Although, that wasn't her first time in Seattle. Before that, she visited Seattle on vacation and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. During that summer, she packed up her life to begin a new life with her significant other and her career. Since then, she has come a long way. 

Having met an incredible woman who is set to transform her own life, she is also dedicated to make an impact to her loved ones and beyond. Besides talking about her birth town and our photo shoot, I have seen a tremendous amount of love she has for her loved one. Spending 6 full days and 3 evening together, she's inspired me. The one interest we have in common is our love for a trance group - Above & Beyond. She told me she is going to the event and I said the same! That gets my thumbs up. 

I can finally say thank you to Jenna for being in my project. To give me the time to get to know you and to write about you it allows me to continue with this project. I cannot wait for us to spend the next 3 months at Landmark for our Self Expression and Leadership program. Who knows what is coming up for us. We know what we are capable of. 

As week 20 will be released this week, it happens to be my favorite number. To my readers, I hope you enjoyed reading about Jenna. My 20th person is going to be an awesome experience. Thank you for your time. 

- Sally