52 Week Project Blog

Week 25/52 - Zealous Blessing

Truly an exciting introduction as the 25th portrait of the week for June 18th to June 24th belongs to Rezina also known as Zi and her beautiful daughter Zariah! The 25th session features a mother and daughter moment. Back in April, Zi found out about my project from Vanny who was in 24th week blog. Zi wanted photos between herself and daughter and felt my project was the perfect opportunity for them. Given I had done a session between a mother and son in previous weeks, I felt honored to do the same for Zi. We finally set a date for June, picked Redondo Beach in Des Moines that's near my house, and we were ready for the day. What you see here is a combination of reading who is Zi and Zariah, the relationship between us, and an depth look of our time together. Prepare to smile and laugh as we dive in! 

I met Zi from Vanny at their work. Zi is a native Washingtonian particularly from Tacoma. She played basketball, graduated here, and accepted a full ride to play in Oregon at the University of Portland. That was an awesome fact that was new to me! If I would have known, I would have had our photo shoot a park with a basketball hoop. The position she plays is a guard, either point or shoot guard. During our conversation about basketball, she shared with me a three-on-three basketball tournament held in Spokane she was participating during that week. Reminded me to go ask and hear about the event. 

Most importantly, one year ago, Zariah was born. She is an incredibly smart and cheerful baby girl that is curious about her surrounding. She definitely has her mother's looks and personality. 

Redondo beach was the perfect location for our shoot. We started out walking on the board platform to a private beach to play in the water. The weather was gray. I wasn't complaining because it's a lighting I love shooting with. I followed them around interacting each other and snapped away. I wanted us to be immersed with the beach. Capturing a subject as close to upper body, Zariah in her adorable rain boot on the sand mixed with rocks and water to a larger wide open capture of the water and boats behind them or in front of me. She was the model of the shoot since we changed her outfit three time. Two outfit change for the water and the pink outfit for the playground. Zariah dominated the water despite getting soaked hence the reason for switching to rain boots. As we finish the beach area, we packed up and headed our way to the playground. 

The sun began peaking out and color became the prominent focus for Zi and Zariah. We went back and forth running around on the playground to sitting on the grass reading Goodnight Moon. My favorite moment I was able to capture was the hug. A photo moment for sure. What is represented is love.

To end this blog, I'm becoming a fan for family photo shoot particularly letting them be themselves and just capturing their dynamic. Getting to know Zi and her daughter through a photoshoot like as our first hang out was truly a blessing. 

Lastly, thank you Zi and Zariah for being in my project. Everyday is a precious day with your daughter. To allow me to spend three hours with you was extraordinary. It is not everyday I get to photograph family together. She is a blessing to you and gives you the biggest joy anyone can ask for. Zariah will manifest into a wonderful woman. 

Week 26 is just around the corner and I will be releasing that ASAP. I'm in dire need to release them. Thanks for sticking around.