52 Week Project Blog

Week 38/52 - Beat Drum to the Heart

Hey everyone. I haven't forgotten my project. I’m delayed pretty hard. I plan to release as much content as soon as possible. I don't want to rest on those previous weeks anymore. For the time being, I’ll keep the blog short, write about what we did that week, and later on return to add detail about each person. Thanks for being patient. 

The 38th portrait of the week goes to a former coworker from my Sony days and an awesome friend name Tashie. Our time was spent between September 17th to September 23rd. I reached out to her to be featured in my project and for us to catch up since we last seen each other three years ago. She lives in downtown Seattle and we picked Myrtle Edward Park for our location. Come take a walk with us.

The last time we last hung out was three years ago. It was a ladies night out at Century Ballroom of salsa dancing. It was the first time I've ever salsa danced and I had a blast! During our time at Sony, we did a small photoshoot around the University Village in Seattle where the Sony Store Seattle was at. Since then, many years passed by. She currently works in downtown Seattle with a company that operates one those large construction crane. I waited at a Starbucks near the park as she finished working. The moment we met up, it felt like it was yesterday we went salsa dancing. We walked down toward Myrtle Park near the water. In between, we stumbled upon a photoshoot of four model dressed in dominatrix outfit and three photographers working together. Once we hit the rocks, we got right into shooting. I love her outfit with the yellow and black complimenting with the city grey and muted steel architecture along with nature's green trees and grassy dark dirt. The lighting was diffused from the cloud and it enabled me to truly accentuate her colored outfit with the environment. The day overall was spectacular and couldn't have anything more from a reunion with Tashie. 

Finally, thank you for sharing your day with me. I'm sorry it took this long to get this released. I hope you love the photos and even the blog. I hope you have more drum event coming up in the near future. 

I am shooting to get caught up and release the other weeks as quick as possible. I am keeping myself accountable to get this project done fully. Thanks again for your patience.

- Sally