52 Week Project Blog

Week 35/52 - Wonderful + Inspirational + Nurturing

Hello fellow readers! How's your week going? Fall is absolutely a spectacular season. There are some parts of the day which I had to question whether this is still summer due to the temperature or is it really fall. What I'm saying is I'm sweating my butt off walking around with heavy coats because I'm not sure what to dress for the day. I can't complain too much because at the end of the day, it's a beautiful day. Today is the last day of September and heading into October! Oh my jebus. I am excited for this month.

I love to introduce my 35th portrait of the week for August 27th to September 2nd. The large glasses wearer is Winnie featuring her adorable dog, Toki, which you will see afterward. She is a new friend I met over the summer. We talked about what we experienced during the year over a game of pool. I shared about my project and loved what I was doing for myself and my community. Later on, I asked her to be in my project and she was honored to have that spot. You will learn about who she is and what we did for week together. Come walk with us. 

Winnie is a joyful woman who loves to enrich herself with boundless opportunities for growth. She is born and raised in the beautiful Seattle metropolitan area with the love of the great Pacific Northwest. When I met her, she had came back home from an amazing 6 month trip across the other side of the world. She traveled with Southeast Asia such as Nepal, rode a motorbike in Cambodia, made a pit stop in Hong Kong, tatted up in Thailand and traveled between Manila to Kalinga to  have the living legend Apo Whang-Od mark her arm, and beyond what I can list. She did went back to China for another 3 weeks to spend quality time with her family. She is more than a wanderlust. She is a person who enjoys seeing and creating incredible experiences the world has to offer. She has placed a piece of herself in everyone's heart she comes across while connecting her community map from all walks of life. Truly, a fulfilling life people can dream having.  

I picked the perfect location for our session. We went to Dash Point State Park. I live near the park and this was our first foot on the sand. We arrived to the park and saw the astonishing landscape and beach completed with the warm sun blanketing over the land. We were so lucky to have been blessed with the lightening. Essentially, we walked around the beach and explore the vast land. Toki is timid about the water being he is tiny and fragile. As we explore the beach, we walked toward a private owned part of the beach. We saw some people hanging out around a large tree log so we decided to play with the log because why not. It didn't stop us and we took advantage of the landscape. I photographed her in all sorts of spots within the area. My favorite in what is presented here is her and Toki further into the water on the solo patch of sand that looks like a heart. Such a tender capture. She later then asked if I wanted to some pictures of myself. I'm like, "Sure. Go ahead". So in a way, I had my own photo shoot. I tend to take the photos myself in a self portrait style. To have someone photograph me, it was different and scary. I am actually shy in front of the camera. At first, I was reluctant. However, minutes later, I felt comfortable, I didn't mind, and I let her give me directions. I want to share a few photos from what she captured because they are amazing. Before we ended our session, we had to do a self portrait moment. I didn't have my tripod with me to have the camera rest on any surface. We had to get creative. I used one of the large tree branches to balance the camera and set up the composition. Afterward, I synced up my phone to activate the remote app. That is the photo we captured together. Badass right? That was the end of the shoot. 

It's not everyday I come across someone who shares the same sign with me. All of my closest friends are Cancer whom I had known for years close enough to a decade. I know their quirks, personalities, likes and dislikes, and tribulations. Between us, our friendship will blossom into being the best of friend, ensuring we are living beyond our potential capacity and impacting the world along the way. We can talk about music and sing along to dope songs or talk about our future business ideas. Either way, discussions gets exciting when you are sharing amazing possibilities for your life.    

Finally, thank you for being in my life and being a part of my project. I am looking forward to seeing you manifest into a brand new woman, especially with what you are up to. I personally invited you to a program that I have invested myself in since February this year. To be able to share the tools I am using and my community with you, you registered for the same program for this coming up December. I teared up because to see a friend I care take an action into living a powerful life, this will forever transform your life. You will create from nothing into anything. With this community, you will leap beyond what you limited yourself into. You will leave the past as it is, be in the present, and work towards your future. I can't wait to be directly or indirectly impact your life further. I have your back. I am glad to have you in my life and hope it's the same for you.  

I will be releasing week 36 portrait this coming up Tuesday October 3rd. Time has certainly fly by so swiftly.

Lastly, but not least, I want to share what she has written recently. She certainly has a way with words. Short indeed, yet, important in reflecting about yourself. Instead of me finishing the blog, have her words complete the blog. Enjoy.

The most rewarding relationship is my life so far is the one with myself. As it turns out, building my foundation makes me strong - stronger than yesterday and even stronger tomorrow. I think everybody deserves this, but it doesn’t come fast. It takes patience, trail and error and a lot of time with yourself aka alone. It’s really rewarding to be able to catch yourself in a negative self-thought and then to turn it around into a positive one. Turn “I can’t do this” to “how can I succeed? Turn “I look fat” to “I am alive and I can do better myself.” Turn “I’m unlovable” to “I am surrounded by love.” It’s amazing. Truly.
— Winnie's thought about a relationship with self