52 Week Project Blog

Week 3/52 - Game On!


Meet my best friend. Ani is the type of guy that buries himself at online PC gaming and wearing super hero t-shirt and basketball shorts. His home is his natural habitat.

Sometimes when he is not at home and just out and about, he likes to drive like a maniac waving his hands to ghetto songs and eat with his friends at Beth's Cafe.

We've been best friends since working together at Sony and now working together at a different company. He is the one friend I can truly count on. He has seen me in my lowest and my highest.

His relationship with his mother, who is directly in the background, is absolutely wonderful. Truly a mamma's boy!

When it comes to hanging out with me, he always gives me a hard time about anything like girls and life. I talk back telling him to shut up and take his insulin! This was his face! LOL

What could he laughing at? Looking at IMGUR posts? Watching hilarious YouTube Videos? 

Jamming to Knife Party!? Oh Snap! That's tight! Those guys are coming to Washington this year at Lucky 2017! Can't wait!

Going back about Ani, the benefit with dual monitor for him is the one screen is for his social media or music streaming while the other screen is the production side or in this case, playing World of Warcraft. Such nerd!

Ani, along with another good friend of his, loves to chill and keep each other company. Even posing for a dab is a part of it. This is why he is my best friend.

Have fun in Michigan punk! I'll see you next week!

I hope everyone enjoyed my blog about Ani. I look forward to Week 4! Stay tune!


- Sally Phnouk