52 Week Project Blog

Week 4/52 - Smoke Through The Ordinary


The cigarette smoker you see here is a close friend of mine name Steve. He's my duo partner for the game League of Legends as his support or top lane player. He's not just my friend from gaming. He's been my recent closest friend for many parts of my life now. 


At any point of a day, we talk about life, games, work, and even photography. Recently, he told me he wanted to pick a new hobby in photography. He told me I am the reason he wanted to do photography. After that conversation, we went to a Best Buy store to help him buy a camera. Playing around with the many cameras at the store, he went for the Sony A7 series, the same camera I am using now. 

When he's out, he's usually out with his friends sometimes drinking at the bar or walking around places the University District in Seattle.

Now, when he is just at home, he plays with his dogs, Ahri and Luffy (not pictured) either getting licked or being all lovey-dovey with them. 

Lastly, when he's not working, his day is spent grinding on League of Legend even until the late part of the night like 2'o clock in the morning.

Next month, we are driving to Vancouver, B.C for a photography trip. It will be an awesome trip for me as I never seen Vancouver and for Steve to improve his own photography. So there will be wonderful pictures coming soon!

Thanks for being there for me as a friend Steve! It impacted me greatly that I inspired you to start a new hobby through photography. For that reason, that is why I continue to do photography, knowing it will impact more people to try something new!

I can't believe it's has been a month since I started this project! Stay tune for Week 5!

~ Sally Phnouk