52 Week Project Blog

Week 8/52 - Take The Weight Off to Earn Your Strength

I cannot believe I made it to week 8! I am excited to share with you my experience at LA Fitness with Paul aka P.K. We work together and now a potential gym partner along with his friends and family if I join. Let's get his story on the road!

P.K. has been following my project since the beginning. He has been supportive and opened up himself to partake in my project. When I asked him to shoot with me this week at the gym, he was super excited and picked LA Fitness as his location. 

Thursday morning at LA Fitness, I signed up for a day pass and observed the gym to understand its lighting and imagine where to photograph him. Once I saw P.K. in the flesh, I started working out right beside him. 

P.K. shared with me initially he worked out in motivation for weight loss. As it turns out, he looked more deeply into his life and see it's more than just weight loss. He wants to have a healthier lifestyle. It was cool for me capture his usual workout routine. It felt like photographing an athletic football player in training. 

Can you spot me in the picture?

Thank you for being a part of my project and also inspiring me to hit back the gym to improve on a healthier lifestyle. 

As for week 9, I am more than excited to embark on an unfamiliar, yet fun experience with a friend who is more new to me than any of my other portraits of the weeks. So stay tune for next week!

- Sally Phnouk -