52 Week Project Blog

Week 7/52 - A Night with The Ancient Robotz

I am once again late on posting week 7 for February 12th - February 18th! It has been another crazy week for me being double booked between multiple photo shoots and then editing. Let's move forward.

Allow me to introduce Ngoni Chikoore, one of the vocalists member from the hip hop band The Ancient Robotz. He happens to be my coworker and a good friend. The following describes more about my thoughts about the event. 

I was invited to see his performance of The Ancient Robotz at 206 Zulu 10th Anniversary held at the Historic Washington Hall in Seattle. The atmosphere of the event was dope. There were tons of rapping and battling going on. Once Ngoni showed up, I was excited to photograph him. 

Ngoni is one chill person. It was cool to follow him and his band members around. They were vibing and having fun before their performance as they were the last act of the night. Each passing minute I got to know Ngoni on a different level. Learning music is a passion for him, we connected. I couldn't wait to see Ngoni sing! 

Once they got on stage and started playing, they were killing the show! I felt the chemistry between everyone. That night was also the first time I truly heard Ngoni sing. 

Digital vintage at their finest!


Thank you for being a part of my project. Photographing your passion was incredible for me. It was an honor to photograph a truly talented musician. 

Thank you to those who tuned in. Week 8 is going to be an exciting week! I will be a different environment similar to being at Zulu Nation. 


- Sally Phnouk -