52 Week Project Blog

Week 31/52 - Be Ahead & Focus

It is almost near the end of August and heading into September within a week! That means summer is about to end and then fall comes into play. 

Now, presenting the 31st portrait of the week for July 30th to August 5th is my long time friend/old coworker Zachary or Zach for short. We have known each other since 2012 when we worked together at Sony. Two weeks before our portrait session, Cedric, who was the 10th portrait of the project, reached out to me on collaborating on a product photo shoot on a company him and Zach are doing together. We then talked about having Zach be the model for the product and also being in my project. What better to kill two birds with one stone? I was happy to not only get together with my old coworkers, but to also collaborate on our business together. I'll explain further what they are up to. What is coming up for the rest of the blog goes as follow: a short about Zach, what we did together, and what is happening for him. Two special guest in the blog features Cedric and Zach's adorable dog, Marcy. Talk a walk with us and enjoy!

Zach, from Fresno, California, is a happy and driven man aspiring to be an entrepreneur with Cedric as business partner. Together, they created a company call Overgrowth Marketing. Overgrown is a consulting agency to help company's social media account from the behind the scene, deliver quality content, and increase engagement in their online presence. This discovery was new during my meeting with Cedric. Prior to this session, I had a few encounter with Zach and caught up about our lives. When we worked together at Sony, it was all about being fun, easy going, and being a team player. Besides that, we occasionally bragged about being surrounded with amazing technological toys and causing mayhem. After Sony, many has happened for Zach. He became a dog owner, traveled to Hawaii, goes to the gym before the butt crack of dawn, and working toward a new endeavor. 

Our portrait session happened after our product photo shoot. We drove to Boeing Creek Park to visit Hidden Lake in Shoreline, Washington. This park is an off leash park for dogs like Marcy to run freely. I love the atmosphere of the park because the forest was deep for being a city park. It had a few switch backs and dusty dirt in every step our foot planted. Our session focused on our candid moment instead of posing for the camera. I focused on capturing Zach and Marcy together as we enjoyed a simple hike on the trail. I say this is a successful day with a rewarding end.

I watch these two grow in a world which they made for themselves. We grew past Sony and onto a future we created ourselves. When I met first Zach, I thought he was just a typical California boy with a hard attitude. When working together and running into him on occasion throughout the years, he has become beyond that stereotype. He is a person with dignity. 

As my final words, thank you Zach for being the model for the product photo shoot and being in my project. Tell your mom I said thank you for letting us use her living space for our product shoot. Continue to attend those summit and kick ass in your growing business. Keep that intention and you will go far.

I am working on the next blog. My goal is to release the 32nd blog within 48 hours from this blog. Thank you for reading and hold on the next blog!

- Sally