52 Week Project Blog

Week 32/52 - Live, Laugh, Love

Hello everyone! It has been some time since I last published a blog for the project. I was sick and I wasn't able to focus on doing any work. I halted any work done to take care of my well being. Well, I am here to tell you I am back and 200% better! 

We are now in September of 2017. This blog discusses my time spent from August 6th to August 12th for week 32. The person taking the spot is my closest friend - April. We met at Seattle Pride last June. How we met... I'll discuss the story later. I asked her to be in my project and she was honored to share herself and our experience together. We finally got a date and location locked in. Here is the structure of the blog: a short bio about April, how we met, and what we did together. Get a blank slate ready and prepared to get rainbow on!

April is a Seattle native who embodies joy and commitment for her community within sport and education. During the school year, she devotes her time investing with young girls to embrace their limitless imagination. Particularly, within the basketball scene. She carries that intention into the rest of her life. Her friends and family deeply appreciate what she has honored in love and support into a future worth fighting. 

We met during Seattle pride in Seattle Center last June by chance. I went to pride to meet with a girl I met from online. I met the girl and her friends. Coincidentally, one of her friends was hanging out with April. Seeing her having a blast and talking loudly meant her body was filled with fun liquor. When it was time to leave, she asked me to drive her car to Tamarind Tree because she was not coherent and cannot operate a vehicle. Luckily, I was sober during the event. After a group dinner, she sobered up and drove me to my car. Ever since then, tons of craziness happened between that girl and her friends which they stopped being my friend because of whatever reasons they made up. April, on the other hand, we kept our friendship closer and stronger from that fiasco. Earlier this year, we traveled to San Francisco and did pride there. It was first pride ever in another city and that was incredible! To see my trip, check it out here! I feel there will be a tradition going forward whenever pride happens. She had the time of her life and once again I rescued her and drove us home from her wild night. That marked our one year friendaversary! 

We spent an entire Saturday all around Seattle. Lake City Car dealership. Northgate mall. Dr. Jose Rizal bridge. We ran errands, had dinner with friends, and then off for some photography adventure. The one photo with her in between the two sport stadium draws in her shirt of Seattle's truly beloved and missed basketball team, Seattle Supersonic. When that time comes, our city will go beyond celebratory. After the bridge, we drove to Capitol Hill. Broadway, East Pine Seattle Capitol Hill is April's home bound. Her entire life was spent in this part of Seattle which happens to house one of the largest LGBT community in the United States. We walked through Cal Anderson park around the basketball court to get a wide capture of her watching the sport. The focus of that photo eyes onto her bag "Kiss My Airs". After the court, we walked to the water fountain spot and walked on the stone for some random fun. It wasn't easy holding my camera steady while walking and balancing on stone in a super dark environment. April SnapChated our adventure and captured me as I made myself look like a fool. We continue to explore and made our way into Capitol Hill Station. It was a first for her and plenty for me. The station was quiet. We spent a good amount of time exploring the area and experimenting with posing. While posing, I learned about her tattoo and what it meant. It was a quote from her mother's English in a hand written note when April was in high school. The tattoo on April's arm symbolizes her strength and love for her mother. It was beautiful. We made our last stop at East Pike street. Every Saturday, the street turns into a block party. The flag at the end of the block drew us in and played around with the atmosphere. Our last photo op was on the rainbow cross walk right between 11th street and East Pine Street. Three attempts later and I got the shot! It was a perfect shot. 

I always love you and you Bernard are my treasure
— Mother

Before April, I did not have many LGBT friends who I can reach out, ask to spend time, and be comfortable sharing my deepest thoughts. Especially if that person relates to me. True, I can go to these amazing Seattle LGBT events and meet wonderful people. I have done that yet I don't form any friendships from them. Ever since I met April, she has introduced me to her friends who are like her family and her closest friends who accepted me into their life. She brought me into her world and every time, it is filled with wondrous. A friendship full of color. 

With the bottom of my heart, thank you for being in my life. You are an amazing friend. I appreciate your patience on waiting on the result from our session. Your birthday was yesterday so happy belated birthday. This is my gift to you. 

Thank you to those who read through the entire blog. I truly appreciate your time and your curiosity. I'm preparing the next three blog as they are ready to go after this one. Keep your feet planted! 

- Sally