52 Week Project Blog

Week 5/52 - Hike It On!

I am happy to continue with this series going into February with Week 5 portrait of the week! 

Meet Korrie. We work together for a cable company and now became outdoor adventure friends, especially after this hike we did together. We duo hiked up to Rattlesnake Ridge.

I have to admit, Korrie is one fast hiker compared to me. At most part of the hike, she stop for a moment to shout out my name and wait once I am able to catch up. 

I know I am a slow hiker. Mainly because I carry a huge backpack, my camera, and my tripod every single time I go on a hike. The best part about being the slowest hiker is the time I can capture Korrie hiking normally. Also, you can appreciate your surrounding better. 

When we started the hike, the weather was decent with just a gust of wind blowing. The more we kept climbing. Throughout our time hiking, she wanted to stop a few spots on the trail to get a photo op. Once we got to the top, we couldn't stop laughing for joy and be in awe of the crazy view. It was super windy with mix rain and snow.  

The hike back down was quick. Our last photo op was at the lake. I wanted to get Korrie standing on top of the log and get a wide angle capture of her being immersed with the lake. Everything you see here was all done in one day. This is Korrie's natural habitat. Adventuring in the outdoor is her place of joy.

Lastly, to finish our hike, I wanted to capture us in our matching sweater. Despite the crazy weather change, we conquered this hike together. We plan on going on more in the future. 

This is my favorite portrait session I have done for this project as of yet. Thank you Korrie for being a part of my project!

For those that enjoyed this blog, thank you for visiting my page. If you like to see more, you can check out my previous blog post. There will be more future portraits coming up! Stay tune for Week 6! 


Sally Phnouk