52 Week Project Blog

Week 6/52 - Baby Metal Go All Over the City

Thanks for tuning in! Who you see here is one of my long time friend, Kathy. The Babymetal hat wearer is a cool friend who I met in college four years ago. Since then, we clicked with our similar interests over video games and Anime and personal perspective on life. 

Whenever we hang out, she is always ready for Pokemon Go! ... Packed with a bad ass bag and a portable charger to catch those Pokemon, she is usually on the run which I have to catch up. Hence I am always behind to catch the best moments. 

Gotcha Chansey!

When it comes to not playing Pokemon Go!, I tell Kathy to go from one spot to another spot just for a photo ops. Photographing each other is now a common activity we do to capture our fun time together. 

Billiard Pool was how we met. Back in college after classes, we hang out at the activity center to play pool and meet up with friends. During our games, we improve on being better at the game. Half the time, it is to take pictures of each other playing. Kathy has improved over time and kicked my ass a few times. 

When it comes to anything, I always look forward to spending time with Kathy.

Having Kathy as a friend has been incredible for me. We are similar in being awkward on occasion, however, that's the best part. We can relate. Everything you see here was all captured in one day into the night. 

Thank you for being my Week 6 portrait of the week Kathy. We will continue to have interesting photo shoot days and create experiences together. 

Week 7 will be an exciting photo opportunity for me and my subject. You will have to stay tune for that!

- Sally Phnouk